How To Fix Wifi Ip Address Problem in Android

Wifi ip Address problem means whenever you are try to connect your Android device to wifi you'll get wrong ip address and then you'll unable to access internet.....If your problem is same then.....Lets solve it...

1.Find Out Ip settings in Wi-Fi Settings...According to my phone(android 2.3.6 Gingerbread (Model:-Samsung Galaxy Ace)) touch left Button then we'll see Scan & Advanced options goto Advanced....
Or in some other android phone this option locate in other place Like Goto wifi setting>Any Wifi with you are connected>Click on it>at Last you'll see Advanced setting..Enable it and follow steps

2.You’ll see an option “use static IP” under IP settings section. Enable it and enter the following parameters.  

And then Type These Things

IP address : 

There we go BOOM BOOM BOOM.......

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